Fashion Your Startup Company For Success

Entrepreneurial ventures, increasingly referred to as startups or small businesses are common occurrences today. The information and communication technology market has made it so that even a guy in their own room can have a company of their own. It is not a wow factor to open a company; it is the planning and insightful business acumen with which the company is taken forward to the ultimate goal post.

What matters most?

In a software development company, what matters most is that coming up with a solution to a problem at hand. When developing a IT resolution for a problem of a business nature, it must be clearly understood that at the end of the day, what ultimately matters, is the end-customer or consumer. Hence the research not only should commence but also must end with the mock-user reviews. If it can also touch the finer points of an actual end-user, in order to shine light to the real-life scenario where the app is used that will be the best result. For example, if you are developing supplier management software for a travel and tourism entity, without talking to the supplies manager how are you supposed to know when and how the groceries come in? How do they import oriental rugs? How is the budgeting done and how to cut costs when needed?

Business Commitment

It is not easy to find a supplier for software who is committed to the business of their client. This is because an average company gets many industry verticals. If a certain programme lead is to be appointed for each vertical there will need to be a dozen of those. Hence most companies try to keep an account manager who can work through several related industries at the same time. For example, banking, insurance, financial institutions etc. can be managed by one person. However appointing a single person for healthcare and social media management may not show the commitment you have for that business. Most IT companies are now keen on offshoring as many talented young developers can be found in especially Asian countries. However, when recruiting them also, one must try to stick to developers with similar industry experience as a method to gain the trust of the client.

Touching all the bottom lines

A business has the profit or economical aspect as the bottom line. But a theory has come up some time ago that any business must concentrate on three bottom lines- that is not only the profit but also societal and environmental- concerns. One may think what that has got to do anything with providing a good service? But any company evaluating your software development venture will want to know about how responsible you are; if you are dutiful to the public and environment not just government because you have to, the customers can be rest assured that you will be faithful and true to the word with your customers because they obviously come first. Professional integrity, when you hire someone for software quality assurance not to pose him as “also a developer” or something, can get you to very high grounds with prospects in the market. Competition is very high in service markets today; in ICT sector it is at a highest level. So if you don’t provide a true five-star service, it won’t be easy to prevent the clients going to another.